Easy and… “relaxing” transfers

Economou Transport does your transfers look easy and… “relaxing”!

Thanks to its long experience and specialized personnel, it facilitates domestic and international transports of every professional!

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What About Recycling

All recyclable materials are being collected on a weekly basis from a certified Recycling […]

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Η 6η Διεθνής Έκθεση “Εφοδιαστική Αλυσίδα & Logistics”

Η Economou Transport ltd, θα λάβει μέρος στην 6η διεθνή έκθεση «Εφοδιαστική Αλυσίδα & […]

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Real time cargo tracking

All Economou Transport vehicles are equipped with telematics GPRS. That means that you can […]

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