Warehousing-Stock Management

The company is equipped with advanced informatics systems (Warehouse Management System, WMS και Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP , Transport Management System,TMS)

  1. Stock management
  2. Warehouse layout management
  3. Domestic transportations
  4. Routing
  5. Wireless function of portable terminals
  6. Barcode
  7. Serial Number
  8. Serial number management
  9. Import/export management, ASCII MANAGEMENT
  11. Automatic services invoicing
  12. Invoicing analysis based on customer’s needs
  13. Labelling
  14. On Line access Αποθέτη – Οn line stock management
  15. KPI Reporting

All procedures have been fully automated using RFs,

  1. Reception
  2. Picking in
  3. Location
  4. Domestic transportation
  5. Picking out
  6. Loading
  7. Proof of Delivery – on line order monitoring up to the final recipient for Attiki area

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